Baboosh Whole Milk Kefir

Brand identity and packaging inspired by the folk art of beverage's origin in Eastern Europe.

Kefir (pronounced KEE•FER) is a cultured milk product with a tart taste originating from the Caucasus Mountains in Eastern Europe. Russian folk art served as design inspiration. Each flavor features a set of unique illustrations with the modernized motifs. A scene of a city, a village, and a farm, grace the strawberry, blueberry, and honey packages.
Baboosh comes in frosted glass bottles with decorative paper tops inspired by Russian babooshka scarves.
The logo and flavor icon is silkscreened on each frosted glass bottle.
The strawberry flavor has a cityscape scene
The honey flavor features a rural farm scene.
The blueberry features a village scene.
The scenes wrap around onto the sides of the packaging where some of the benefits of kefir are explained.

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