Clean Break offers tongue-in-cheek parting gifts for that not-so-special someone. The concept is a line of confections, gift cards, and gift bags to deliver a "dear john" break-up message. Our hope is that mismatched lovers can share a laugh in an awkward moment, and perhaps even start a lasting platonic friendship.
Pictured: Candy packaging, mad-lib style Break-it-Off cards, and gift bags. Ink is overprinted on French poptone paper for a very vibrant color palette. Prototype of the broken heart chocolates was generated on a 3D printer.
Bacon + Chocolate a match made in heaven. You + me, not so much.
Pictured: "Don't be Salty" chocolate bacon bar candy packaging
Save the sugar for someone sweeter.
Pictured: "Don't get Sappy" maple sugar candy packaging
Someone once told me, when life gives you a lemon... dump him.
Pictured: "Don't be Bitter" lemonheads candy packaging
Pictured: Mad-lib style fold-'n-seal break-up cards
Mad-libs are always fun!
Pictured: Copywriting detail of a fold-'n-seal Clean Break break-up card.
Graduate school project, Tyler School of Art
Concept + design + copywriting: ©Kathy Mueller
Art direction: Paul Kepple

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