Courses: Art Direction I: Concept & Layout in collaboration with Advertising Account Planning
Project Overview

This three-phase project is structured to simulate the professional collaboration between strategists and creatives in the advertising field. 
Teamwork and mutual respect is cultivated among students using experiential learning. Art Direction students learn the value of market research and strategy insights. Account Planning students gain a better understanding of the creative process. Students practice public speaking in formal presentations.
A short case study was presented at a College Art Association Annual Meeting.
CAA Annual Meeting, Chicago Hilton, February 14, 2020.
My colleague and I have collaborated with a variety of client partners, including a start-up incubator for student entrepreneurs. We’ve received positive feedback from students, administration, and our client partners.
“Overall I think this was a great exercise and I hope we can collaborate again! In speaking with all 3 entrepreneurs, I think the exercise was helpful and pushed them to see their businesses from new perspectives.” 
–Kate Cassidy, Program Manager, Blackstone LaunchPad at Temple University

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