The American Association of University Women (AAUW) published a report on girls’ achievements and interest in science and math. The report recommended exposing girls to successful female role models in STEM. It can help counter negative stereotypes in math and science, because girls see that people like them can be successful in these fields.
Girls Rule consists of five 16" x 20" shadow boxes showcasing notable women in fields of STEM. I wanted the role models to speak directly to today’s girls and so I found inspirational quotations from each of the women. The artwork consists of cut paper and physical objects that represent the fields, such as a test tube, compass, and computer keys.
On display at the gallery exhibition, Brains Muscle Wildcard
And here are some detail shots from the series...
The shadowboxes themselves...
"Discovery is perhaps the greatest human joy." Rosza Peter, mathematician
Materials: Cut paper, protractor, chalk
"What more can we ask than challenge and interest." Lillian Gilbreth, industrial engineer
Materials: Cut paper, compass, acrylic
"Nothing is to be feared, only understood." Marie Curie, chemist
Materials: Cut paper, petri dish, test tube
Programming is an undertaking in the foundations of knowledge." Grace Hopper, computer engineer
"Never be limited by other's imaginations." Mae Jemison, astronaut
Materials: Cut paper, planet marbles

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