I advised the creative student team in the creation of a promotional campaign for the department’s annual flagship event. A drive-in movie theme was selected—employers would be invited to watch the industry’s newest stars display their talent. Scope included an event identity and promotional campaign, including invites with a 360° experience, and animated social media content. The creative team even recorded a jingle, sung by student a cappella singers.​​​​​​​
Unfortunately, the 2020 event was cancelled due to COVID-19 and this creative campaign was never produced. The team pivoted with grace and produced a website with an entirely different look and feel, that was better suited for the unique circumstances.
Creative Team: Charlotte Dawes, Malia Hee, Jess Heydlauf, Morganne Hodgson, Daniel Wallace
Faculty: Kathy Mueller, Joe Glennon, Sheryl Kantrowitz, LiRon Anderson-Bell

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